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Thursday, November 20, 2008

AIDS merbahaya, Aedes pulak mengancam manusia

Read on the cap of my Snapple:

"Mosquitoes are attracted more to people who have just recently eaten bananas."

Weirdly interesting fact.

I remember one of the weirdest dikir barat song many years ago, "AIDS merbahaya, Aedes pulak mengancam manusia...."

I never understood how RTM dikir barat group linked AIDS and Aedes and came up with that song.

But hey, you want to prevent Aedes or Dengue, stop eating them bananas ... no more pisang goreng, pisang tanduk, pisang emas, pisang kasturi ... pisang awak.

Maybe we should also stop eating banana leave rice ... but that's not too difficult in Miri, there is none available.

Don't know how much truth on a Snapple cap but hey, don't expect miracles, it won't prevent AIDS yah.

AIDS merbahaya, Aedes pulak mengancam manusia...


Take care and be well.

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