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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home Re-Deco

Interior decorator wifey had some bright and logical ideas to re-decorate the house -basically to move things around and so spend a good part of Sunday to do this.

My dream box was not working so decided to install Astro as well with some basic packages for a low monthly subscription.

Wanted to buy some additional furniture too, but decided only to buy a divider.

I like the positioning of things especially with the repositioning of Al-E's WC.

Now it is no longer in the living room where everyone can see the poor boy peeing or shitting.

However, re-deco is complete, and my back is killing me.

Really hate it when my lower back starts to act up.

So, after 2 Sinflex and 2 Norgesic pills and a dose of Mr Waits, I am going to sleep. Tomorrow is the beginning of another busy week.

Well there's one thing you can't lose
It's that feel
Your pants, your shirt, your shoes
But not that feel
You can throw it out in the rain
You can whip it like a dog
You can chop it down like an old dead tree
You can always see it
When you're coming into town
Once you hang it on the wall
You can never take it down

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Thanks for all the help in moving and relocating furniture according to my instruction(s). I know it was tough because I keep getting new ideas in my head.

Really appreciate your patience and all the pushing and carrying of heavy loads (Note: I know you were a little crappy initially but I am glad we AGREED to move AL-E's PUBLIC WC which was so VERY EXPOSED to everyone).

Now need to re-position all the paintings stuff. I will ask our Mr. W to help out (if he is free and not moody!).

Really glad that our boy, AL-E, is so very smart and has no problems whatsoever (so far) in the changes that we have done. AL-E is so amazing for being able to locate his WC. Maybe it has been worthwhile afterall to let him watch all the move that we did today.

Al E said...

Mommy and Daddy, thanks for giving me more privacy to go do my pee pee and poo poo. Please forgive me if I get confused for a few days but I am a good boy and will learn fast. Love you always.