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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whiplashed from Emergency Braking

On the way to work, normal routine but the usual roads were more jammed then usual. As such, many cars were haphazardly diverting to use another road.

I was maybe driving at 10 to 15 km/h. A car in front of me haphazardly came into my lane and hit the car in front of him. I was following the other car at a good 2-3 second distance, but when this car cut in, I had to apply my emergency brakes.

First, what does applying emergency brakes mean? Many people actually do not know.

To apply emergency brakes, you would hold your steering as usual and literally stomp on your foot brake pedal. The car will come to a stop.

Is your engine still running? If the answer is yes, then you have NOT applied emergency brakes.

During emergency braking, the car engine would stall and you would need to restart your car. As usual, while restarting, remember to put your gear to neutral.

I have applied emergency brakes a couple of times before and was glad that I still had it.

However, this time, I felt a big thud on my seat and my seat was pushed forward. This actually gave me a minor whiplash and thus the headache I am having now.

What was this thud that pushed me forward? Another car? I look in my rear view and there were no cars to close behind me.

Then I felt behind my seat and felt that my laptop bag had flown from the back seat and heat the back of the driver's seat causing a minor whiplash.

So, folks, seat belts at the back are more important for the front passengers, especially the driver's safety.

And as for laptop bags and any bags of significant weight, we tend to put it on the seat. I would recommend that bags are put in the boot or on the floor. I am sure I will start putting my laptop bag on the floor rather than the seat.

Also, need to find a way to secure Al E when taking him for a drive.

Emergency brakes, a little whiplash, a major headache and life goes on.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Please go see a doc if the pain persists.....

Ser said...

Alternatively speak to B.