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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quantum Leap to a Quantum Life

Remember Quantum Leap? Scott Bakula ... was amongst my favorite shows.

How about living a quantum life?

This is what Dr Darren Weissman (or as I say Dr Infinite Love and Gratitude) says about living a quantum life.

I am definitely doing my very best to live a quantum life.

To live a quantum life, it’s imperative to do the following:

Live with vision. All great leaders throughout history have had a clear vision of a truth that resonated deep within their hearts. This vision became the catalyst that set into motion a new way of thinking, feeling, and being. All great leaders, as a result, maintain their clarity of vision regardless of opposition or perceived capabilities. To live with vision means to take the time to silence the mind so that you can see and embrace your truth. Activate the power of the sixth sense—intuition—and trust it to guide you.

Live with hope. Hope is a natural consequence of having clear vision. Its birth rises from darkness, fueled with the vision of promise. At its core, hope allows you to believe in what’s possible…if one person can, we all can. Feel this emotion in your heart. It’s the feeling that imagines, sees, and knows at every juncture of the journey. Hope is the reflection of truth, wholeness, divinity, and oneness. “Roll up your sleeves” and let’s work together. In a world where many see hopelessness as being as normal as the rising sun, begin today to challenge yourself to harvest and sow seeds of hope.

Live with passion. Passion is the energy of your will. It’s what empowers you to take action, transforming hope into possibilities. The question is, what’s your passion? What moves you to get out of bed every day? What makes your heart flutter when you think about it? Do you go to work just to get paid? Do you want to know how to live with passion? Answer this question: What would you be doing at this very moment in your life if you knew with absolute certainty that you couldn’t fail? Allow yourself to honestly and authentically answer this question—from the deepest part of your heart—acknowledging the every-unfolding inner voice of Infinite Love & Gratitude. Decide to act and live with passion. A moment of passion will transform a breaking point into one that is inspirational.

Live with discipline. Discipline distinguishes mastery from mediocrity—mastery that comes from spending time engaged in the journey, rather than sprinting the 50-yard dash. Living with discipline means being willing to change—to alter old patterns of how you consciously choose to respond to your life. With discipline, you can gain insight and wisdom into your true nature. When you accept the inevitability of change, you choose healthier options for yourself.1 Rather than being a rigid set of rules, living with discipline is based on conscious acts of self-love. It’s loving yourself enough to choose between the pleasures of the moment and the possibilities of an infinite spirit.

Live with gratitude. These days, almost everyone is talking about gratitude.
My role is to accept what happens to me and to do what I can with the possibilities that life offers.

Accepting this is a key to achieving it.

I am going to stop trying to figure out what I did wrong to warrant the problems that I am facing and accept it as part of what happens while living on this planet.

I know I can find freedom in this. Life is what it is. It is short, fleeting but beautiful if you so choose and desire it to be.

And if we can reach unconditional acceptance of that, then the door to true and infinite love and gratitude will open.

To live with infinite love and gratitude is to accept, embrace, forgive, learn, and live with the knowing that life itself is the greatest of all gifts.

My favorite crazy haired guitarist Jimi Hendrix once said, "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

People are just power crazy nowadays. There are no more leaders but just bosses. There are no more teachers but just fake gurus. There are no more prophets but just preachers.

The power of love and the power of gratitude and the power of forgiveness can and will bring us to the heavens we seek, but are we ready to give up the love for power - of one person being better than another ...

Take care and be well.

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