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Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Pappa

My dad is 74 today.

The last time I bought him a birthday present was when he turned 70.

Since then, he had not been around for his birthday - travelling to see my sisters or my brother who are all overseas.

As most parents go, you respect them, you appreciate them and there will always be times when you disagree with them and get upset with them.

My dad has been a decent dad. When we were growing up, he was always so busy that we only saw him in the weekends but he made the best of the weekends and we always had family outings that I remember.

Every weekend would be a trip to the swimming club, picnic by the beach, a trip up to Penang Hll, a trip to eat durians, a trip to Botanical Gardens etc etc.

My dad, he is 74 today. Born on November 24, 1934. Happy Birthday Pappa. I love you always.

Take care and be well.


KC said...

Mate, think your dad is pretty cool and a fab. cook!Hmm... Guju food... *drool*

Anonymous said...

Right you are bro! Our pappa is not only a decent dad but outstanding father who has always provided for his family (immediate and extended) and children and never ever let us feel that we were missing anything. He is a good man, great cook, wonderful father and provider. We do the best we can with what we have and know and he has done the very best and continues to do so. Anyone who did even half of that would be considered a good dad. God bless him!
~ Sanjay

Mrs. Anderson said...

Nil... steady lah ur papa!!! muda lagi eh~

Nil said...

Sticking to my old English meaning of decent which is respectable; worthy; kind; obliging; generous. He is a decent man, in modern English language, he is a righteous dude. Dad is a great bloke.

Ser said...

Agreed. Pappa is cool. I must add, very youthful looking for his age.

May God bless him.

On his birthday, our little patch/garden at the back produced 4 new roses at a go (Well the one that pappa newly planted before going to M'bai). The colours are unique (a blend of magenta and powder pink). And the best part, it smells absolutely awesome.


Nil said...

Yup, he has a green thumb alright, every plant he touches flourishes.

Nil said...

Hey Jen, ya lah, mudah lagi Bapak saya.... ;-)