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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coconut water, make you strong like a lion

Went to Mack's backyard to take some coconuts to assist in my healing process.

The rather small/short coconut tree did not require a monkey or human to climb and pluck the coconuts but still required some parang chopping work and a little climbing on a ladder positioned in a very precarious way.

Thought it would be easy enough, so rushed from work to pick Al E and then to Mack's place to pluck some coconuts.

So, I was in my dark grey Armani work pants and Marks and Spencer's pink work shirt.

The area was wet/muddy.

The tree was over the back gate - so had to climb over the gate, set the ladder in a odd angle.

First tried to twist some low hanging fruits but took a lot of twisting. So I asked Mack for her parang and went chopping away.

Finally, got 14 lil coconuts, but 3 fell in the drain and 1 had the parang go through it, so all the water came out. Took 11 back home.

Can you imagine me, in my work clothes, pants folded, pink shirt, swinging away the parang like a maniac, for coconuts.

But hey, coconuts are supposed to be good for you and it's also good for your daughter, it's full of iron and makes you strong like a lion .... so says Mr Harry Belafonte ... just listen.

Take care and be well.

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