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I have done a lot of things in my life and have also worked in many different jobs to make a living and to experience life. This blog is just some of my musings, sometimes funny, sometimes inspirational, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes simple but all the time, it's just me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Just tired. Even Al E is tired.

Weary, exhausted, not fully recovered, blurry, painful and teary eyes, hungry, thirsty, tired, just dog tired....

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

This must be the GREAT DANE...right?

Nil said...

Yup, it's a Scooby Doo Great Dane - as tall as me and likely even taller. Tried to sleep like that, quite comfortable actually.

Ser said...

Yeah, I guess for (being comfortable in this position)-especially when I have witness you sleeping like a 'Superman' upside down on our couch (in Miri) sometime in July this year - when we first got our AL-E!! He he he