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Friday, November 21, 2008

One car treasure hunt

Friday afternoon, WHPH, 1 car treasure hunt, bomdeyadah bomdeyadah bomdeyadah...

Well, 4 of us decided to make a nice afternoon out of errands.

Pit-stop 1 - Lunch at 9 to 5 with Muniandy; laughs and some decent reasonably priced food (about RM10 per person with drinks)

Pit-stop 2- Went to collect Kupps insurance; saw a nice unexpected water village scene behind the car dealer, children playing around although they do not have much but having a blast nevertheless; saw a cool purplish pink VW Beetle with original engines, seats and white rimmed tyres for RM9,800;

Pit-stop 3 - A road block stop where Kupps went to pick up his altered trousers somewhere near Mega Hotel;

Pit-stop 4 - Off to the immigration where Mack made her new passport; asked around to find out what was in Yulan plaza before it was built.

Pit-stop 5 - Off to see Add wedding studio shots, where we helped her make some choices; also came up with the idea of our own photo shoot.

Pit-stop 6 - Eat Ice Kacang, chendol, kuih udang.

Pit-stop 7 - off to the kennel to pick up Al E. Al E sits between Mack and Add and gives Mack a good licking.

Pit-stop 8 - send off Mack, Kupps and Add.

End of treasure hunt, take Al E for a ride around town and then back home. Spend some nice quality time with my boy.

I enjoyed the afternoon, and so did the rest. That's how we do a 1 car treasure hunt.

Take care and be well.

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