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Friday, November 28, 2008

Wonderful life and inventions

I am amazed at all the wonderful and interesting inventions that have come about in my lifetime in Malaysia. These inventions may have existed elsewhere earlier but came to our shores later. Things like:

A computer (used an Atari in my dad's office and played pong);

Mobile phones (I am one of those who did carry a briefcase like mobile phone);

Color television (Tun Hussein Onn pressed the button, my dad had bought a color tv, and presto, we had color. 50 people came to my house to witness this as they had yet to buy color tv's);

Internet (what is there to say has been said, I was introduced to Internet in mid 90's);

Seat belts (remember driving around without seat belts and how much effort it took for my dad to remember to wear them when became a law. Now it is a habit and we start with new back seat belt laws soon);

Polaroid pictures (never owned one but a friend did and we had great fun with this ingenious invention);

Digital camera (take all the pictures you want and delete what you don't want later, I was not among the first to jump into this but when I jumped, it was straight into the deep end);

Music CD's and MP3(yes, I had vinyl records, then cassettes, even cartridge, then CD's and now MP3's);

DVD (from VHS to Blue Ray DVD's - coolness);

Pen Drive (from 5.25" floppies to 32GB pen drives and SD cards);

I could go on and on, and there are some bad inventions that could have been avoided to help the environment - like plastic bottles and containers as well as Styrofoam containers for food.

But I am amazed at the number of inventions and creations within my lifetime.

Take care and be well.

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