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Monday, November 17, 2008

My first memory

I have read before that you cannot remember things early in your life and cannot remember things that happened when you are a baby. You may think you know it but it would be from stories.

I can hardly even remember things and people from my school or University except for the one or two odd ones.

I hardly remember all the people even in my previous job - but that is quite recent, so I do remember most of them - but there are a few that I cannot remember.

I remember 1 friend from kindergarten, his name was John. I remember 1 person from primary school, we were in the same class for all 6 years if I recall correctly. His name was Thomas.

I do not remember all the names of my classmates in From 5. I know many of them but sometimes just do not remember their names.

I have a bad memory in that sense.

My earliest memory is from when I was about 3 years old. I remember my first trip on a plane.

The trip was from India to Malaysia.

My mother was bringing me and my brother back after staying in India for about 2 years.

My sister's were left behind in India since then but that is a story for a different day.

On the plane trip, I remember arguing with my brother on who gets to seat on the window seat.

I remember that my mother had a difficult time and we were reprimanded by the stewardess and had to fasten our seat belts which she fastened for us.

I remember my brother getting the window seat.

I remember shortly thereafter, the stewardess brought both of us a plastic cup that was filled with sweets.

I remember landing and I remember my dad picking us up in an old borrowed car.

I remember that I also had the plastic cup until I was in Form 5. The cup suddenly disappeared, I reckon it was thrown away.

I guess like my memories fade, the cup had faded over the 15 years I had it and there was barely the cartoon drawing left on the cup.

It is amazing sometimes what we can remember and sometimes what we tend to easily forget.

I remember to this day the day I fell in love with my wifey. She was not in love with me then yet, but I was and I knew that one day, she would be my wife.

I know sometimes we remember things, sometimes we forget things, sometimes we remember people and sometimes we are totally lost to who they are, sometimes we hurt others and sometimes we fell hurt ourselves - but just like memories and the cup, I always have hope that the hurt to will fade.

Take care and be well.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Nil ... Do you remember me? We talked last Saturday.

Nil said...

WHo is this Gerald Blondel fella

Ser said...

Very funny you two (to both GB and NT). Cheers.