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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Queens Night and Queens Day

There is a big party going on in Netherlands, it started last night and continues to go on throughout the day.

It is Queens Day. Basically, it is to celebrate the Queens birthday, and boy do they celebrate.

Queens day is originally the birthday of Queen Juliana rather than Queen Beatrix, the current monarch but Queen Beatrix has continued the tradition to have it on 30 April.

Last night we went to The Hague for the night celebration and were out until 1 am and had quite a bit of fun looking at people clad in orange and listening to different music setup throughout the city playing different types of music.

The big party on the day will be in Amsterdam but we are avoiding it and going to Kinderdijk instead to see the windmills.

But we got up a little late and had a late breakfast and a late shower etc etc, so, I hope we get to see the windmills as they close at 5:30pm.

While writing this, I am watching the celebrations with the royal family in Appledoorn and I am amazed at how friendly and relaxed they are. They are laughing, mixing with the crowd, taking pictures, playing the games etc.

I have never seen any royalty this friendly - especially not the Malaysian royalty nor the British royalty.

Anyway, off we go, soon to Kinderdijk, windmills, Dutch cheese and farmers. I will post some pictures sometime soon.

Tomorrow, we check out and off to see Kuikenhof and the tulip fields.

Take care and be well.

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kC said...

TwoLips! Yay!! Guess it wasn't a 13 pints night and getting in fights night eh?

Anyway, do have a splendid time