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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Simon Cowell is Dutch

After having spend sometime in London, I think Simon Cowell from American Idol is Dutch.

This is because I have generally found the Dutch behave more like Simon than the English who are surprisingly friendly.

Arrived late in London due to delay in flight and then had to take a bus from Luton airport to the Luton train station.

Then from the train station went to St Pancras International. Then walked to Kings Cross underground station. Then took the Piccadilly line in the wrong direction to Arsenal, got out of train and changed direction.

Finally reached Gloucester station, then walked in the wrong direction for a while and finally turned to the right direction after asking some help.

By the time I reached the hotel, it was close to 1am.

Ordered some pizza, ate and slept.

London has been an adventure so far. On Saturday, the plan is to go to Hard Rock Cafe, go watch Les Miserables and go watch Jason Mraz concert. On Sunday, will go know on No 10 and say hello to Gordon, have tea with the Queen in Buckingham and throw some of my money at Mr Al Fayed in Harrods.

Being in the Motherland has been interesting and people are friendly and the city reminds me of the familiarity of New York city which I love.

I will have more posts of my shows and adventures in following blogs. Until then...

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

Motherland mah...of course it is going to be exciting and interesting.


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