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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend with wifey

I got my rental car on Saturday from Avis, they give a good rate for people in Shell.

Wifey went to the Mauritshaus museum while I collected the car and drove for the 1st time in 20 years on the other side of the road in narrow Hague streets. It was not easy to say the least but more about my driving adventures after my whole trip. On top of that, I got a manual car which I need to get used to as well. And a reverse gear that is on top of the 1st gear and requires a trick to put on reverse.

We spent quite some time in Mauritshaus and then went to M.C. Esher house which Sarah enjoyed.

Then drove the car back to Rijswijk and took a train to Delft to spend the evening there.

On Sunday, got up a little late and drove to Amsterdam. Spent pretty much the whole day in Amsterdam. Actually arrived quite late in Amsterdam and then walked a bit, went shopping and then to Anne Frank's house.

After Anne Frank's house, we met up with some friends we made on Friday for some snacks and drinks at the Niuew Markt area in Amsterdam and showed wifey the red light district with the window displays and Hash shops and museums.

We came back rather early from Amsterdam mainly because I wanted to drive in daylight. And then we took a train to Rotterdam but most things were obviously closed. So, we walked a little, then ate a pizza and came back to Rijswijk.

A nice long tiring weekend where the weather got colder and started raining on Sunday.

A few more days of work, then I would be on leave.

Until then....

Take care and be well.

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