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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Siem De Jong and Locus Publicus

Went to Delft to look for kites. So went to this place called Siem De Jong (note Jong is pronounced Yong).

This place is huge and sells all outdoor sports stuff including windsurfing sails, snowboards, skis, kayaks, Frisbee's, kayaks etc etc.

It also had this huge black hairy shaggy dog with its eyes covered but friendly and a bit lazy called Tuuushe. I did not have my camera with me this time but I played with him for a while and it was fun, reminded me of how much I miss Al E.

Bought a 4 meter 4 line kite with 2 handles and something which can lift me maybe 4 meters in the air.

Then went to Locus Publicus. The famous local pub that serves many many many beers, maybe 200 beers or so. I had 5 different ones, starting with a Guinness and ending with a sweet and lite bio fruit beer.

In between, I had a sandwich at the pub and later a piece of bread. The off to the train station back to Rijswijk.

Friday night in Delft.

Simple, nice and busier than Rijswijk.

Saturday was supposed to do laundry but instead went to the beach to try out the new kite that I have bought. Boy it is strong and fun but I need to get used to it, it twisted too many times that it became a little difficult to manage.

Then had late lunch, a wrong tram ride and finally back to Rijswijk where I went to "tapau" some mixed rice from the Indonesian restaurant and relax off for the evening by clearing up the place.

So, generally, unlike previous weeks, I had a relatively quiet week this weekend. However, next weekend wifey will be here and it will be active again.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

Ya will be active again...so you better take rest and relax a bit okay