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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First visitor to Rijswijk

Stel (my sister in law, wifey's sister) arrived from Poland today on a bus from Tarnow to Amsterdam.

Then she took a train to Den Haag Central station where I picked her up, took some time off from work to do so.

She will be here until Friday evening when she takes a long ride back to Tarnow.

So, 3 nights and about 4 days.

She had quite an eventful bus ride where she had to pay a bribe to bogus "German" cops but I believe were likely Polish Border Police which she has had problems with before.

This was at a Polish border town of Szcecin. No details available but I am certain that they were not German.

Obviously after the ride, she was a little tired, but she did go to The Hague where I met up with her after work and we went to Scheveningen which is by the North Sea. We had dinner in this Spanish sort of restaurant where surprisingly the service was very good unlike most Dutch Service.

On the second day, she went to Rotterdam and went around on her own. However, it was a cloudy day with some rain, but she still seemed to enjoy herself.

Again after work, I went to Rotterdam and we had dinner before we came back.

Tomorrow, she will be going to Amsterdam. It is unlikely that I would go over there after work, but I'll see.

On Friday, she goes off back on the bus to Tarnow, Poland.

Hopefully no major issues there.

It was somewhat nice to have a visitor. Although the stupid hotel here charges an extra 25 per night for additional guest, but, oh well, it's nice to have family.

I wonder how much they charge for dogs.....hmmmm, Al E, you want to come over with Mommy for a holiday here?

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

As much as I love to bring over AL-E, I think we both need a break/holiday.

AL-E will be all over us and he will be the BOSS.

Unless, we plan to move up to Europe for couple of years, I do not think it would be feasible to come with Al-E.

Btw. how much they charge for having a pet/bringing a pet in the hotel (for staying/boarding). How does it work? Where do dogs sleep,pee and do potty? Can you find out (when time permits. I am so curious lah).