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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Arsenal, Man Utd, Jos and I met in a Irish Bar....

No this is not a start of a dirty joke or a bad joke or a football joke or an Irish joke, it's the truth.

Jos and I could not meet in London, and Jos was in The Hague, so we met up in an Irish bar to catch up on old times and to watch the Champions league matches of Arsenal and Manchester United in a Irish bar named O'Casey's.

We gossiped like two adult man always do. :P

We had a nice dinner at a Indian restaurant in Den Haag central called Maharani.

And we watched Man Utd draw 2-2 with Porto and Arsenal draw 1-1 with Villareal.

For all who know Jos and reading this, he sends his regards. To all who do not read this, well, too bad.

All fun and well.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Gossiping meh...?

Syaharudin said...

Jos must be delighted with Arsenal's away draw to Villareal..

Nil said...

Jos was happy with the draw. I am okay with the draw as well though MU played a better match. So, my predcition is still for MU and Arsenal to meet the next round and for Liverpool to knock the bezeegeers out of Chelsea. And yes, men do gossip ;)