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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vienna - 4th book of a trilogy

This was my 4th trip to Vienna, and each time as enjoyable as ever.

First trip was 2002, 4 years after we met our friends during their honeymoon in Redang.

Then they surprisingly visited again in 2000.

Then we visited them in 2002.

Then, on the way to our Italy trip in 2006, we dropped by to Vienna before Rome and after Rome - so 2 trips in 2006.

Finally, Easter 2009, my visit - this time without wifey but another girl sure kept me company - you can see her pics in the previous post ;)

So, book 4 of my trilogy of Vienna.

Sini picked me up at the airport and we went immediately to Pension Schonbrunn, my cheap little hotel near the palace where I was greeted by a familiar face from 2006.

The guy at the hotel, which closes it's doors at 11pm for check-in even was willing to wait for me beyond 11pm in case of any delays of flight. However, I made it in time.

Then with key in hand and bags in room, went to a bar for a night cap and then back to bed.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I spent quite a bit of time with Sini. Not so much sightseeing but mostly walking a little, drinking, eating and talking.

We also went to Easter eve dinner at Sini's sister's house and Easter lunch at Martina's house. I took Sini and Martina out for dinner once. Most of the other times was me and Sini - we went to my favorite bar, which is Bar Fly twice, we went to a heurigan, we went on top of a hill to see Vienna from the top and we went to the city district 1 as well. Also went to T-Systems where Sini works and even had a meal in the canteen on Friday.

Coming to Vienna was always my plan for the long weekend of Easter mainly because I would be with some friends, especially since I am away from my family. So, while I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting new places like Antwerp, Berlin, Krakow and London as well as all the places in The Netherlands, the best trip is my visit to Vienna. Not because Vienna is the best place or the most active but mainly because of the two friends.

On Monday, usual routine, pack bags, check-out of hotel. Went to a cafe for some tea and then went to my friends flat to spend the rest of the day until my trip to the airport around 3:30pm which Sini generously dropped me off again. Flight at 6:25pm to Frankfurt, then another flight to Amsterdam, then the train, then the tram, then the walk and back to hotel at 11:50pm. 8 hours and 20 minutes, and I thought flights were the fastest mode of transport.

This is the end of my solo trips around Europe. Next trips would be driving trips at the end of the month.

Take care and be well.

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