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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Income Tax - money down the drain; give me water

Yes, it is time for the year again.

The Internal Revenue Department does not give a care in the world if you are away for business or work somewhere and find it difficult to get your taxes done - sorry, no deferment.

So, with a scanned EA form, some information for charity, books and sports equipment - I have to get my taxes done.

Every year, a big chunk of money goes to the bunch of jokers in the government and all they want to do with it is build more monuments like the crooked bridge etc.

Every year, the IRD promises to give you a refund automatically within 2 months if you have overpaid but every year I do not get a refund.

This year, I want to go do something about it, maybe in July or August - go back to my file in Kuala Lumpur and get them to give me a date for the refund.

I sometimes wish that in election, we had a choice of what and where we want the government to spend additional efforts or money in the next 5 years or so.

For example, I would not want money to be spent on crooked bridges and hydroelectric dams that destroy half of the rain forests.

How about some better health care, education.

And for crying out loud, how about clean drinking water.

Most developed countries provide clean drinking water, no need of rocket filters, or UV filters or anything like that. You open the tap, and pour water and drink it.

In Europe, I could drink water from the tap of most countries I visited including Poland, Austria, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Belgium. In USA, I could drink water from any state.

In Malaysia, you open your tap and you still get brown water.

Vision 2020 is getting very blurry, must be all the haze or maybe we are being blinded by all the white elephants being build.

Where is the social and mental development of people. People still talk about races and supremacy of a certain race - sounds more like Nazi Germany to me - but well, then again, Hitler also thought that Nazi Germany was a developed country. They did wage 2 World Wars.

Hmm, maybe that is the direction Malaysia wants to go, I wonder?

Oh well, this is unfortunately currently the only home I have, so, I guess I will just have to be positive about it and hope for the best.

Take care and be well.

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