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Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 1 to May 3 - Drive, cycle, drive, walk, get sick

Checked out of the Grand Winston Hotel on 1st May, my "home" for the last 3 months and 1 week.

Drove off to Sassenheim to stay in a hotel to go see the tulip fields. As I was tired of driving and loading the car, we decided to rent a bicycle to go to Kuikenhof - the tulip garden.

It was so busy, there must have been more than a million visitors to the gardens, nevertheless it was very beautiful.

After the 10 km ride and 10 km ride back, I suggested the stupidest thing and we took our bicycles all the way to Nordwijk an Zee, that nearly killed both of us. It was really far and it was really late and dark when we got back.

Nevertheless, we did still go out with a colleague of mine to Amsterdam in one of the famous pubs there called Three Sisters. We reached there around midnight and stayed there till the place closed down some three hours later.

Then a quick Subway sandwich and a very very expensive taxi ride back to Sassenheim. I could swear that the taxi driver from Turkey (they are all from Turkey or Iran) took us on a ride but we were too tired to argue and about 85 euros later, we were back in our hotel.

The next day on 2nd May, we checked out around noon and the long long drive to Brugge, Belgium. After a few stops and a few scenic adventures, we finally arrived in Brugge around 6pm. The Google map said 3.5 hours of driving, what a bunch of BS. I have to add at least 50% to the Google map time.

Anyway, Brugge is a nice beautiful town. Unfortunately, I fell sick, having a sore throat and a fever - likely from the crazy bike ride the evening before and the late night in Amsterdam.

Nevertheless, after a quick nap, we did go to the square for a meal and had an early night.

On 3rd May, we took a nice walk around Brugge, it is really a pretty little town. I believe it is one of the UN Heritage sites.

We also took a small bus tour around the city which was alright but not great. Wanted to climb up the tower, all 365 steps but I was just not feeling too well and the lines were just too long.

After some shopping by wifey, we made our way back to our nice little hotel which is just about 15 minute walk from the center. I was really under the weather and took a nap and asked Sarah to arrange for dinner in a nice restaurant.

We had the best Italian food in Carlito's - highly recommended.

Tomorrow, we are off to another destination, another 2 days there, another 5 hour drive from Brugge and supposedly one of the richest countries in the EU.

Until then, we will have a good night sleep with the birds walking us up in the morning. The windmills, the tulips and Brugge has been fun so far.

Take care and be well.

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