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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.

I am working form the hotel room the second half of today because having some health problems which I don't really care to share.

Will be taking the train later in the afternoon to Schipol airport to go to Vienna where my good friend Sini would pick me up.

Also managed to talk to another good friend Darrel in South Africa for quite a bit today.

The cold Dutch rain has started and the weather has been gloomy, wet and cold - totally unpleasant.

I may or may not carry my computer to Vienna and therefore my blogging may only be when I return.

It will be wonderful to see Sini and Martina again and of course their cute little daughter Laurentina whom I will meet for the first time. It also happens to be her birthday on Easter.

So, while Jesus was reincarnated some 1980 years ago , Laurentina was born 2 years ago.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

Hi. This is a nice picture. I assume Stella took it.