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Monday, April 20, 2009

My new kite

This is the new Peter Lynn Twister II 4 line 4.1 meter kite that I bought and the person said you could lift and jump up to 4 meters and it can drag you through the beach.

This is in the air, a nice beast of a kite.

I was trying it for the first time, so it was not easy. I also need to think of getting a bar so that it is easier to control. Nevertheless, go fly kite has a new meaning altogether, it is a sport requiring a lot of energy. Also, the kite was twisting quite a bit, but then again it is called Twister, what should I expect.

To check out more about power foil kites, check out the Peter Lynn site.

Take care and be well.


kC said...

I had the same thing... orange and white trim... Sadly, lost some part of the frame on the way back from the UK a while back.

Nil said...

Oh well, I am bringing mine back and we can go fly kite.