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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

75 Kilograms

No that is not how much my bags weigh although my bags do weigh a reverse of that, 57kgs.

I weigh 75kgs. Not that it matters, but I now have reached my ideal weight. When I left Miri, I was about 68kgs - so in 3 months in The Netherlands, I have put on 7kgs.

Again, I am not complaining but quite happy about it - now just to ensure I can healthily maintain the weight. I guess it is also true that you start to put on weight after 40.

Now, why was I weighing myself?

You see, I wanted to weigh my bags, I knew they were heavy and I have been packing up, so just wanted to know how much stuff I should ship instead.

And of course in The Netherlands, a 4 star Grand Winston Hotel would not have a weighing scale available, why should they?

So, I have to seek some support from literally my support colleague who gladly lend me his scales.

Thank you Mr B.B.

Take care and be well.

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