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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Krakow Pictures

I have some difficulties loading and editing the pics I took in Krakow because some person does not want their pictures on the blog and as such I have to respect her wishes.

Also, I have done a scrapblog which is easier to upload. I need to upload all the pics to Flickr one of these days and you guys could then view it on Flickr - but that is one day ... whenever that comes.

Until then, enjoy these censored and edited pics of my visit to Krakow.

Take care and be well.


kC said...

Did you walk through the lane where there's lots of gold shops and funky little things? Miss it a lot...

Ser said...

The English Cocker Spaniel with tail is so cute. Can you particularly post just that picture in your blog.

How I wish our boy had his tail intact! Sigh!

Everytime I see another English Cocker Spaniel with tail...I get a little sad ...makes me wonder what sort of hell/pain these young one or two day old of pups got to go through...

Nil said...

KC, I did walk through the lane. Wifey, I will post the picture in AL E's blog when I come back from my weekend trip. I also wonder what sort of pain Al E went through but what I know is that we are great parents and this is a testament to many other people who have mentioned this.