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Monday, April 27, 2009

Another home cooked meal

I went to work in frigid cold conditions - not outside but in the office. The weather outside is about 15 degrees but raining. But inside the office, it is 16 degrees and cold. The heater is turned off and the air conditioning is some how turned on.

Most people including myself were wearing our jackets while working and when most of us could not bear it any longer, we went home (in my case the hotel) and worked from the hotel.

Wifey had gone to Rotterdam to see the Maritime museum as well as the Cube houses and did some shopping.

In the evening, another lovely dinner at Van Veller's home with Peter, Anne and Queen Tessa.

Spent a lovely evening with friends, the last few days in Rijswijk and at work.

The meal was fabulous, chapati, biryani rice, vegetable curry, chick peas, scrambled eggs with onions and spices, tandoori fish, raita and to top it off in the end with nice chai.

Come back from dinner around midnight and only went to bed around 1am, another day past by and another 2 days at work.

Tomorrow, there is a farewell dinner at Garoeda - from what I hear, an expensive Indonesian restaurant where we will likely spend RM200 for a plate of mixed rice - thankfully not on my account. Phew!

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

The meal was yummy. Thanks to Ann for all the cooking. A big thank you to both Ann & Peter for having us both over at their place.