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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Only You

I was thinking of this song and it just could not think of it in my head. I only knew many many years back, Yazoo had sang it and after that someone else had sung it as well.

I also remembered that I like the original version of Only You. Here, I attached 4 different versions, one from Yazoo which was sang in 1982, then from Flying Pickets who re-did the song in 1983, then from Alison Moyet who broke with Yazoo and went on a solo career who sang this version in 1996 and the final one from German DJ Jan Wayne who remixed his version in 2002.

I personally like the Yazoo version the best. What say you?

Yazoo (Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet)

Flying Pickets (Brian Hibbard, Ken Gregson, David Brett, Red Stripe, Rick Lloyd, Gareth Williams)

Alison Moyet (solo)

Jan Wayne

Take care and be well.

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