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Sunday, August 17, 2008

When I go away

When I go away

I will miss
my beautiful wife, my soul mate
For every moment of our lives that we spent apart
Every minute of our cuddles and every kiss
Although sometimes I take her for granted when we are together.

I will miss
Al E
For everyday of my life that we spent apart
Because a day of my life is about 24 days in his life
Although our bond will be forever.

I will miss
For all that he has taught me in life
Every lesson and each advice
Although sometimes it is a bitter pill to swallow.

I will miss
For all the stress relief stuff we do at work
For although he is young, he listens and appreciates
Although sometimes I may be a little to direct or harsh.

I will miss
For all the chill out sessions where it is all about understanding
Listening, chatting and relaxing
Although sometimes nothing is said but everything is understood.

I will miss
Because despite his outward naivety, he is not
For all the good things that are in him
Although sometimes he struggles to get his point across but I still understand.

I will miss
Ah Boon
Because he has been a buddy since day one
For all his intelligence of various topics
Although I know our friendship will be as is.

I will miss
Ah Mei
Because she has been among my closest ally
And all the support and and company she has provided for dinner
Although at times I feel that she should chill out and enjoy life more.

I will miss
Because of all the interesting conversations we have
And all the times we can discuss serious stuff
Although we are years apart, we are sometimes so synchronised.

I will miss
my chancellor boss
Because of all the challenges he has thrown at me
And all the trust that he has put in me to deliver
Although at times he is direct, but it is always just work.

I will miss a lot of people when / if I go away. I will miss Yani and Chandran, I will miss all the other people that have touched my life.

I already miss a lot of friends like JD in South Africa, all DHL buddies in Singapore and KL who have been great, some of my University friends in Wisconsin, Mike in Middle East, S&M in Austria and my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law.

Everybody are going to be still around, and everything may still very well be the same when we meet again and so on and so forth . . . but I will miss these people more than I will miss things, more than I will miss dungaboy, more than I will miss Bangsar home, more than I will miss sunsets by the sea at Luak Bay, more than I will miss my home in Luak.

I do not know when I will go away, but it will happen.

Take care and be well.

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