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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What is most important in my life

Yesterday, went for this proactive intervention culture workshop which is part of the company culture on health, safety, security and environment.

During the session, there was one question during the ice-breaker, "List 3 things that are most important to you?"

Many people put things like Happiness, Wisdom, Money, Wealth, Health etc. which is important to me as well but . . .

I put four things :
1. Wife
2. My Boy
3. Dad
4. Friends

Not necessarily in that order and sometimes I do take things for granted, but nevertheless, these are the people that are important to me and without them I will not have Happiness, Wisdom, Money, Wealth, Health etc

I will have to treat them always with respect, with honor, with my full attention, carefully and with my full heart.

Take care and be well.


Anonymous said...

You're right, my friend. I remember telling my wife that before her, I enjoyed the life, but SHE is the one who brought me happiness.

To our wives, parents and friends ... cheers!

Nukesquad said...

Kind of a chicken and egg thing. If you value a high level concept like "HAPPINESS" the assumption is that you'd have "Wife", "Children" etc etc somewhere as a subset of "HAPPINESS" as well.

Similarly, because low level items like "Wife" and "Kid" is such an integral part of the higher level concept of "HAPPINESS" for you.

I think the idea is that you don't miss the forest for the trees.

Nil said...

Agree and disagree with some things. Disagree on any assumptions. To each their own and one persons meat could be another persons poison. As such what makes a person happy could constitute of anything - not neccessarily family. Agree that more specific things are integral to my higher level hopes. Ahhh, what is a forest without trees, a tree is still a tree without a forest ;-)