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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just another eerie Monday night

It was 10:30 at night. The week had just begun.

Dropped off my dad at airport in the morning. Dropped off Albert Einstein Baba at the kennel, usual Monday routine.

Coming back in evening, friends were all busy with their lives, so just me and Al E at home.

I was logged into both work and home computers and literally doing both work and replying personal email.

The tele was on with some Olympics which I was not really paying much attention to.

Most of the lights were off except for one.

The crickets were chirping away the hot stale air of the night.

The waves were crashing against the shore.

Every couple of seconds, a truck or car or a mosquito motorbike would pass by on Jalan Bakam in front of my shack.

Al E was sleeping by my feet after all the glory of scratching and biting my toes, jeans and feet.

Suddenly, the night became still and there was no sound to be heard in the darkness of the night.

Al E who was fast asleep just got up immediately as if something was amiss.

He run to the front door and starting barking away like all hell had broke loose.

Maybe because it is the hungry ghost month and just a few days pass the peak of it.

It was not the first time experiencing this but first time with Al E and his incessant barking.

I looked to the front door where Al E was barking and the feeling of uneasiness swept over me. Worse of all, I had yet to lock my front door.

I quickly went to the front door, locked the door, told Al E to be quiet and looked out through the window to see if anything was unusual but could not see a peep through the dark stale night air.

I told Al E to be quiet and follow me back to the comfort of the sofa.

Said my prayers and sought for divine protection against any evil or unwanted spirits.

Held my breath for what seemed an eternity and finally heard the cricket chirping, the waves crashing on the shore and a huge truck passing by.

A deep breath and a huge sigh of relief.

Take care and be well.

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Santiago said...

So errie one......You so like ole man one, should remember to lock the front door lah..... Poor AL-E B. The puppy got bark his lungs out to scare away whatever it saw or felt...what a relief all of you were okay......