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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Need an acronym for Indian friends

I had an acronym for Muniandy, Anjali, Chandran and Kuppusamy (MACK) earlier. Now the group has expanded and we need a new acronym.

The names are as below. I would not mind an acronym that uses more vowels as we are limited below.

Muniandy = tamil jain follower = Andy/Bu Bu
Anjali = offering = Angie/Mack
Chandran = full moon = KC
Kuppusamy = religious butterfly :-P = Yip/Butterfly
Lingam = based on phallic symbol = Lai
Adishree = exalted = Ad
Nathan = dance = Jo Chin
Yamini = night = Mulyani
Rohan = red something = Tom
Zamindar = landlord/land owner = Zul
and me
Nilesh = blue god/Krishna

MACKRoNi NALiYa could be interesting because Naliya is a place in Gujarat, India which is in my dad's home state.

So it could be a spicy macaroni from this place in India.

But then again, I am still open to suggestions.

Take care and be well.

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