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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Morning

Got up early in the morning as usual, around 7am. The downstairs alarm went off.

Dad was washing the car, Al E was whining. Fed Al E, then made tea and had breakfast with dad.

Wanted to go Brunei but decided to take it easy today, rest and relax, catch up on some rest which has been lacking.

So, the father and son will just rest on a Sunday and not go seek any holy ghosts. Dad did some gardening, his favorite pastime but just a little, he is tired.

Gave Al E a nice bath and now he is sleeping by dad's feet. After a lot of excitement and biting last night, Al E has been particularly a good boy today. He is clean, smells great and chilling out with us.

Maybe go out for a drive later, take Al E along.

In the meantime, a song from even before I was born ... I am the oldest among my group of friends, so, while I have heard of this band and their songs, I doubt anyone in the circle would have. But then again the walking jukebox Anjali Mack likely does know this song or at least the band.

Velvet Underground's Sunday Morning.

Take care and be well.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing much to do in Miri, Nil? it's the reason why you are blogging so much :)

I've finally decided to blog as well ...

Cheers from the civilization!