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Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am no longer a patriotic Malaysian.

I don't feel patriotism anymore.

I did.

I wanted to change.

I was idealistic.

I thought I could change.

Then I realised ....

While we are told Keranamu Malaysia,

The government follows Keranaku Malaysia.

Fly the flag, don't fly the flag, fly the flag upside down, burn the flag ... I just don't care for the moment.

Sing Negaraku or sing Negara kuku or don't sing at all.

I care for people - friends, family, love and life.

We are moving to a global society, we are all the same but yet here they are, our government of the people, shouting and yelling about Malay rights, Indian rights, Chinese rights, my rights.

Whatever happened to human rights.

Happy Independence Day.

Take care and be well.


macK said...

geesh, i wanted to post about this too.

i asked one day, "what's the point of sticking the flag on your car if you still discriminate your neighbour?"

question remains unanswered.

Nil said...

I guess we both have been thinking uncannily alike lately for some things.

Answer: Absolutely makes no sense or point to stick a flag on your car if you still discriminate your neighbour.

I have neighbours in Bangsar that discriminate against me, but ex-military and fly flag and all even in his house. What's the point - NONE.

How does flying a flag make one patriotic?

Ser said...

Agreed with the 'flag' stuff...

Generally, we've got darn daft neighbours back in KL (our neighbours in Bangsar). Fly flag left and right but park cars in the middle of the road, block our gate (don't have the guts to apologise but got all the time to do gossiping about us etc. etc.)..Sigh! So much for 'Bangsa Malaysia'...