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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sy sit n huppel in my knuppel

I really do not know what that means but it is in Afrikaans and like my South African friends have told me, they do have quite a bit of funny sayings.

A few I know are like Pomp Bliksem Pomp, Volkaak and A pess sonder und poop ....(do not know how to finish that but the meaning for it is "To piss without farting is like to dance without music).

Why am I writing about South Africa or Afrikaans?

Jy ruk nou die dam onder die eend uit.

We have these great friends from South Africa "JD" and their small five. They just got a laptop at home and Internet connected at home ... so therefore this blog.

We miss them a lot and ek is lief vir jou - I am not sure if that is meant for friends or lovers but well we love them.

At least now we are more connected through the Internet and hopefully they will read and comment on my blogs.

Below a Lucky Dube song Back to my Roots. Lucky was shot death in South Africa on a car jacking attempt just a few months ago. Lucky was a famous South African reggae artist.

Take care and be well.

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