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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Once upon a time, a long long time ago . . .

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I was a reporter in the mainstream media and ...

I had found out through my investigative journalism that many condominium projects are on unsafe and unstable slopes but were still approved.

I found out that Highland Tower's collapsed not due to weakness of it's own foundation but because an underground river was diverted due to a planned luxurious bungalow development plans on the slopes.

I found out that a certain unionist was actually named Adolf Hitler.

I found out that a certain minister who may well be our prime minister in the future was sleeping with an actress/singer.

I found out that another chief minister was sleeping around with young girls.

I found out that certain person did this or a certain person did that.

I found out that most of our politicians do drink.

I found out that most of my bosses were afraid to publish anything real and were happy to publish the bullshit because they feared another ban.

I found out many things, but were my sources lying, were they telling the truth, was there really this much corruption in the government, is there really a fourth floor, is some opposition politician really gay, is the royalty really immune, does anyone really care? I don't care and even if I did, could not do much about it then.

Now, I see a whole bunch of political blogger's writing about this and that and I wonder if they have the right information, are their sources telling the truth, what benefit is there to writing these sort of news? Many questions that I think back and then I realize that I just need to stop thinking or caring for all these.

I left journalism because I was so disillusioned.

After that, I actually literally became a coolie ... unloading containers of carpets and doing a brainless job that required no thinking, worrying or caring.

I remembered in US, I had thought being a dishwasher was fun because it required no thinking and I could calm my mind, my brains and my thoughts.

I became a coolie to do the same things. Unfortunately, the work was literally back breaking and I developed back problems which I suffer till today.

But I have no regrets leaving journalism in Malaysia because we do not have journalism in Malaysia, we only have reporters.

I have fond memories as a reporter but I will never go back to it, not in Malaysia and not anywhere else in the world.

I am happy where I have been and I am happy where I am and happy where I am going.

Take care and be well.

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