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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You don't have a soul!

I thought I'd grab your attention a little by my blog title.

The full quote by C.S. Lewis is this, "You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body."

How often we forget that we are all just souls and we have a body but many a times people are so attached to their bodies. I like the quote because I am a soul and I have this body right now.

Yesterday, I was very unsettled mainly because my Internet was down. Somehow, thankfully, I got another service provider which works well. Also, in my housing estate, there are many thunderstorms and every time lightning strikes, the power goes off.

This made me realise how dependant I have become on power and Internet.

In life too, our soul is completely dependant on power. We need power to change and willpower is usually not enough cause most of us need divine powers, God's power of the power generated by the Universe.

A branch  by itself cannot produce life, it draws energy from the vine which draws energy from the trunk and roots which draws energy from the earth which draws energy from the Universe.

In our garden of life, we are not the experts gardeners. God and his Universe is the expert gardener, they know where to cut, when to cut, how much to cut to produce the best in our lives. Just like an expert pruner in a vineyard knows that pruning is the key to having the best fruits.

So, we should just leave some things to the expert, be guided by the powers that be, guided by our guardians and leave it for them to prune our branches so that we bear the best fruits in our lives.

But many of us are inpatient, we do not like the pruning process or some do not even want to be pruned. I guess there are just some people that do not seem blessed at this stage.

Recently I started meditation which I do on a daily basis even if just for 10 minutes. Through meditation, I have been blessed with a lot of good information to lead my life, to bear the best fruits. Our guardians are there to guide us, God is there to guide us.

But some of us tend to take this for granted or maybe we do not feel blessed enough or seeking more. Like my ole person in my life, when has slight to drink or has some additional money, or when has not enough money, shows arrogance and cockiness rather then feeling blessed for what we have.

I went out with a friend recently, I know the person will be reading this blog. We were talking and the subject of our meditation came up just briefly and the person told me that they have not been doing meditation for one reason or another. The person is clear that it is an excuse. But this is how times passes us by. When we have been given guardians and we have been receiving guidance, we forget, we get cocky, maybe a little to sure of ourselves and we end up in the same hell hole we were in before.

I am not perfect myself, there are days I forget to count my blessings but would you if you had one month to live? But yet many of us live like we are never going to die.

The pruning process is always painful but it is always productive. All we have to do is to be the branch and connect to the vine. If we are connected to the vine, we will be spiritually healthy and be filled with the God's/Universe energy.

Many a times we forget that all we are is the branch and we start thinking we are the vine and this is when we get stressed out and frustrated because that's a role we were never created to play. We are a branch, just connect to the vine.

So, all I have to do is to be the branch and be connected to the vine and leave it for the expert pruner to prune me and guide me to a better life.

And as long as I am connected to the vine, the source of power, I will not need willpower, I will have the real power and energy and abundance of it.

So how do we stay connected to the vine? How do we stay connected to the ultimate Universal power and energy of God?

It is simpler than you can imagine. Communication and confession.

First, start communicating to God and your guardians, they are there to guide you. Communicate daily, communicate often. It does not need to be formal, not necessarily you have to sit in front of an altar or in church. You can communicate while you are in the shower, or like me right now while I am writing this blog. I also communicate while I am driving or while I take a break. Wake up in the morning and talk to God and your guardian.

Just talk anything, talk in your mind, talk about your expectations or concerns about the day ahead or just be grateful for being alive for another day.

If you are a musician, would you play in a concert and only tune your musical instrument after the concert? Certainly you would tune it before.

So, I begin my day with God and Universe and my guardians and keep the conversation going in a casual manner throughout the day. I talk about my problems, my anger, my frustrations, my happiness, my joy. Anything, everything, He can take it.

The second point was confession, and I do not mean a confession to some priest or some other person. This is something between you and God and Universe and guardians.

Confession is also not about feeling guilty or anything. Confession is just a continuation of your conversations.

When I know I have done something wrong, I do not beat myself over it, I confess and I move on.

We are all works in progress, branches that require pruning every now and then and we will make mistakes. So, just confess, and move on. Don;t justify, don't be defensive, don't be arrogant and don't beat yourself up. Just confess and move on.

So, today, I have reevaluated my barriers to my spiritual health. What sometimes keeps me away from communicating with my guardians and God.

I have also written an honest letter to God about my current frustrations and disappointments whilst considering how these problems may be preparing me for a more fruitful season.

And finally, I have decided to take my own advise and what I have known all along, which is to have more frequent conversations, my channels are open and God is listening.


Take care and be well.


bal said...

very very well said Nils. Thanks for the wake up call, i really appreciate you watching my back. I really need to get back to God and meditation. Good to have you as my friend and spiritual fellow traveller. :-)


Shaista said...

You don't have a soul. You are a Soul.
I love that :)
Can't beat C.S.Lewis for awesome words. Just finished reading the Chronicles of Narnia...
Have you read 'The Book Thief' by Marcus Zusak, or 'The Kiterunner' by Khaled Hosseini?
I think you'll love the soulful poetry of their work.
And I am sure you read Rainer Maria Rilke? Letters to a Young Poet is wonderful!

Angela Williams said...

What book is lewis' quote from?

Nil said...

Angela, it is from Mere Christianity