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Monday, January 10, 2011

Don't wait, relate and love completely

What are you waiting for? I am not waiting anymore. I am living passionately and now, I start to love completely.

Are you still waiting for that someday? Don't wait, relate with someone, anyone and love completely.

Recently I learned about infinite love and gratitude, there is abundance of love and gratitude, so just share it.

Joel Osteen said, "be grateful for the shortcomings of your mate, for it is those things that have kept them from finding a better partner. Appreciate them for who they are and know that you won't change them."

Take time to appreciate what your partner or spouse or child or parent does well and acknowledge these things.

Often we focus on negative attributes that we forget to look at the positive attributes of people.

Most of us are nowadays busy and maintaining close relationships seem to be a challenge. We work longer hours to provide for people we love, we work longer hours to buy them gifts and go on vacations but we struggle to give them our time and undivided attention.

I was just thinking about how I could start to love completely, and I wondered, if I had only one month to live, whom would I want to spend time with?

Definitely I would spend more time with my wifey, my lil furry boy Al E, my dad a little despite his crappiness at times. I will also spend time with some close friends who I am grateful for and who have been consistent.

Whom would I need to apologize to? Lately, I have not been doing things that I regret but I would apologise to my wifey, for in the past I did not give her enough attention and I would apologize to my dad for certain harsh things I have said which came out of my love and my heart but still, I could have done it better.

Who needs assurance today that I love them? I gave assurance today to my dad that I love him because he was going away for a few months and I felt he needed to know it.

What keeps me from spending the time and saying these words, I love you, now? Absolutely nothing.

Relationships have never been the same since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. They opened the door to sin and they became parents to the selfish nature that all of us have inherited. That turning point in the garden planted the seeds of strife. But we all want to be like God, all we have to do is stay connected and trust him.

While continuing this journey, time and again I am reminded by whom in my life has disappointed me the most? There are many people who have disappointed me, a friend whom I have known since childhood who just became an arse, another friend who went into own barrel of waves and forget friends on the shore. Of course even relatives, immediate and far are always giving one disappointment or another. Father, brother, sisters, in laws, outlaws, cousins, uncles are all included sometimes in this disappointment as I am sure I may too be a disappointment to them.

But this is where I need to move on, acknowledge the negative and move on. There are some bad ways I handled some of the relationships, mainly by blaming and distancing myself. But nowadays, if I am disappointed, I forgive and give infinite love and gratitude and ask my guardian and God to show me the right way. Sometimes, it is best to move on, by distancing oneself.

The pain and disappointments in a relationship always affect a relationship in one was or another but it can be forgiven and one can move on.

Love cannot be bought, but it carries a price called sacrifice. It means making time. It means risking pain. It means feeling grief. It means feeling ache. But if we are going to love completely, to endure the pain, then we will need a greater love than our own.

We need to experience the fullness of God's love for is in order to die to our selfish desires and give freely to others.

Our problem is not that we do not love God enough. It is that we do not understand how much God loves us. With God's love as foundation, we can discover new powers in the way we relate to others.

I pray that you, firmly fixed in love yourselves, may be able to grasp how wide and deep and long and high is the love of God and to know for yourselves that love so far beyond comprehension.

I have today made a list of people I would like to see and to share my heart with if I knew my time on earth was limited. I would also have made a list of people whom I may not be able to see but can speak to or write to.

I will also be writing a letter to one person who I have hurt by words, actions or even my silence asking this person's forgiveness and explaining everything I would say if my time was limited. I will set this letter aside for a few days and decide whether to send it.

I will also find time in the next few days to surprise someone I love, even if it is a simple surprise.

I will start today to love completely. I am already living passionately.

Take care and be well.


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