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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Keeping on the path when life crashes

Who will cry when I die?
When I was born at a hefty 8 pounds 2 ounces,
I was crying,
while everyone around me was happy.
As I was growing up,
going to school
having to always look up to someone,
being the youngest of four,
I was struggling.
I studied hard, got a job,
Worked hard and become busy in the rat race,
Until all my hair turned grey,
I was lost and I lost myself.
I have been living this life and taking this journey
so that when I die,
God will be smiling, together with me,
and everyone around me will be crying.
Who will cry when I die?
~ Nil

The tragedy of life is not death. Death is inevitable and your soul will live on eternally. But the tragedy of life is what we let die inside of us while we are still living.

We smash, bang, crash our lives with busyness and we keep doing it over and over. When life crashes occur, our lives are not Lego blocks which we could keep putting the pieces together again and again.

But sometimes we will get off the path or off the track and we may get on a collision course and don't know how to apply the brakes.

Our schedule gets overloaded, our expenses get too high, we feel overwhelmed and feel the walls closing on us and everything starts to collide and we run out of time. Kaboom! Crash! Boom! Bang!

To leave an enduring legacy, we have to first get on the right road with the Master Driver, God.

And next we need to find the cause of the collision.

The first cause is collision of values. Our actions sometimes do not follow our values.

Some people will say their health is important, but never exercise nor eat right. Some may say family is important, but work often takes precedence over family and you end up in the office until late at night. Some may even say God is important but he usually just gets leftovers in time, talent and finances.

Good news is that we can look at these and realign our course right now before kaboom, crash, boom, bang.

We can begin to realign our priorities with our performance right now and the best way to do that is to examine a more serious collision.

Collision of wills. Our will colliding with God's will.

God created us and the earth and the Universe. He created 24 hours in a day. And if we still struggle to get things done in a 24 hour period, we are not doing things according to his will. God has given us enough time to get things done including rest, work, eat, pray, love and everything you plan to do.

And yet many of us keep saying there is not enough time, I wish I had more time, I need more time. Bullshit!

We get to choose the path, we can follow God or we can make our own path or you can also follow Satan of you want. So, what do you choose?

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight," Proverb 3:5.

"If there is a will, there is a way; So work hard, have willpower and you will find your way," wrote my primary school headmaster Mr Anthony in mu autograph book. Yes, it was the time of the century when we went around with autograph books to get everyone to sign and say something.

Willpower is having the will and power to stay in the middle of God's will. Trust the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in God and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit to God, trust Him and He will do this.

Trust, trust God, obey Him rather than follow your own desires.

And many of us have a control issue, we want to be in control of the vehicle and we try to wrestle the steering wheel away from God, we think we can drive better than Him. We're always telling Him how to drive and where to go.

We must learn to relax, not get nervous, let go of the wheel, relinquish control to the Master Driver. We need to trust Him even when we do not know what He may be doing or where He may be going.

When we trust completely, we live passionately, we love completely, we learn humbly and we will leave boldly. God aligns our paths and directs us to His purpose for our lives.

Next is delight yourself in the Lord, enjoy yourself, enjoy your conversations with God, enjoy your discussions with Him.

When we delight in God, our hearts desires will often change, we no longer will have our way but we will want to follow His way.

So trust, delight and finally commit. Commit your way to God and He will do this. Trust, delight and commit. Start giving God first consideration in every decision, let Him take the wheel and watch your life be transformed. Mine did.

Our time in this life is limited. If we truly want to ensure that we've fulfilled our purpose when it's out time to go, then we must stay in God's will, trusting, delighting and committing to The Path as He is the only one who can rebuild our lives and redirect us when we are on a collision course. I have done so and continue to put God first.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

For the record, I will cry buckets for days and weeks and months and years perhaps (if it is meant to be)...

God communicates in mysterious ways and definitely not via the mind. Listen to your heart. Notice and honor that feeling...Do navigate by the map of the heart (not easy because Mr. Mind is there to caution about logic this and logic that etc. etc.) Love is not logical, grace is not logical, magic is not logical and definitely MIRACLES aren't logical.

Have faith, have grace and have a purpose in life for you will be remembered and cherished when we are no longer in this mortal world.

Nil said...

Thanks Ser but I hope you'll also be smiling with God and me with a legacy that I plan to leave.

Julieann Martinez Sandoval said...

I love what you said and how well you said it.
You are an inspiration to to me. I will follow your
advice on how we should all live to please God.
I also try to Obey God and Serve Jesus Christ which
i might admit is not easy at times life does get in the
way but, I also have come to learn that I would not have
a life to live if not for them and the grace of God who loved me so much he gave me and the World his Only
Begotten Son, That who ever believeth in him should not die but, have eternal life. John 3:16.

Mountain Mama said...

I love your blog...the honest, raw, thoughtful and heartfelt nature of it. I just started my own little blog and I will definetely continue to follow yours and be inspired by your words. Thank you so much for sharing so honestly.