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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Going Green : My Soul's Spiritual Footprint

What is spiritual legacy?
What is soul's spiritual footprint?
This is my mother's
Generosity and gratitude
Feeding every hungry person who asked for food
Trusting God and daily prayers
Loving her children like a dog does, unconditionally
Infinite love and Eternal live
I do not remember her words of wisdom,
I am sure she had some along the years.
I also do not remember her good advice given.
However, etched in my mind forever
is a permanent picture of who she was
and how she lived before me.
My legacy is to be decided yet
But following the footprints left behind
By my mother and many before her
Following footprints left behind
By Mahavir, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad and others
Following footprints of God
Who carries me when I can walk no longer
And leaving footprints
for others to follow.
~ Nil

A lot of us are into going green, becoming more environmentally conscious, reducing our carbon footprint in this world. But a few of us think about another footprint, the soul's or spiritual footprint and increasing our spiritual footprint. To do this we need to make a most positive and lasting imprint on lives of others.

We need to make a small impact everyday because the smallest of impact makes a difference.

We do not need to become world missionaries, we do not need to be super rich, nor do we need to quit our jobs.

All we simply need to do is love and trust God, serve others, and give from what we have been given. Contribute to our unique spiritual footprint but the way we treat others.

Just like we control environmental pollution we must also control the soul's pollution, we must deal with the clutter that accumulates in our souls.

We all have hurt the ones we love most and we may try to cover up the garbage in our soul, ignore it and even pretend it is not there. We judges others. We all have sinned. But not matter how deep the stains of our sins, God can remove it and make us as clean as freshly fallen snow. God will forgive us but we must begin by acknowledging our personal need for forgiveness.

Once that is done, we must recycle God's grace and forgiveness and forgive others. There is a reciprocal relationship with the forgiveness we experience and the forgiveness we extend.

Recycling grace is giving generously what we have received from God.

God gives us forgiveness, we give shall also forgive tohers. God gives us infinite unconditional love, and we shall to give infinite unconditional love to others.

God loves us just they way we are but He loves us a lot more than to let us remain just the way we are. We are to live transformed lives, I am living a transformed life.

Grace accepts me where I am, but grace also gives me the power to change. Grace is not a little prayer I say before a meal, grace is the way I live.

Take care and be well.


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Mountain Mama said...

This really made me reconsider the way I prioritize my life. If we don't learn to truly love and respect each other in the way that God intends, then we have no chance of living "green" in any other meaningful way. Thank you for challenging me and making me think.