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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What is my most valuable resource?

My blog post is late today as I was struggling with Internet connection at home from late afternoon and my mind was unfortunately pre-occupied with that as well as some other issues in dealing with the ole crappy people in my life.

Nevertheless, I am back on track albeit a little later today.

Have you ever wondered why some days just seem to zoom by and we loose the sense of time because we are so immersed in an activity and caught up in the present moment and enjoying the people around you and yet some days the time and seconds go by so slowly and you feel trapped by an incident like having no Internet or crappy ole people?

Why do some days feel more meaningful than others? What makes the difference?

How to be fully engaged in the present and not get trapped in the past or paralyzed by the future?

Well, what is our most valuable resource if you knew you only had one month to live? Certainly it will be time and you will find a way to make every second, every minute, every hour count. You would want each hour to be rich with fun, enjoyment, significant and invested in happiness.

Certainly chores and duties have to be done but if I had one month to live, certainly your priorities will become crystal clear.

I will use more time to connect to more meaningful activity like communicating with my spouse, teaching kids and connecting with my guardian angels and connecting with God and the magnificent Universe.

Spending sometime walking my beloved pet or hugging my wife or even watching Al E or kids play a game will become more magnificent rather than mundane.

I want to live a no-regret life. To do so, I may need to inventory my life and see how I've been spending my time. In fact, do a cost-benefit analysis of my time to determine how I spend my time and how much time is spend to produce the benefits I desire.

How to add life to my years and increase the quality if life (how I live) rather than quantity (how long I'll live)?

My time management will have to become my energy management. I will put more energy into things that bring positive results and make me happy and less energy into things that do not.

Time once spent cannot be reclaimed but we can redeem the remaining time we have left in our lives.

How do I refocus and stop using the b word, I am too busy?

The only way is to spend each day in such a way that I can leave behind a worthwhile legacy.

Don't squander your time cause your time is your life, wasted time means wasted life.

In the 80/20 rule that everyone talks about, it states that 20 percent of your time will produce 80 percent of the results. As such, 80 percent of your time is wasted producing 20 percent result. Why and how can we change? Spend more time in areas that bring us the most results and less time in time wasters that are ineffective. This way, we accomplish more by doing less.

Some people feel that a time wise spent will be producing something i.e. a report, or a document. Some even need activity and result on their vacation. I need to do this and that today and this and that tomorrow.

The paradox is that we likely do not have much to show for things that are truly productive. For example, if I had one month to live, wouldn't I want to spent time smelling the roses a little longer, or smell the aroma of coffee in the morning, or let that morning hug and kiss linger a little longer, or let my lil Al E lick all over me a little longer or take time to sit down savor the morning breakfast or coffee rather than rush off to work?

Answer is clear, I would but that would not add to my productivity. So it does not mean spending time doing what you like will necessarily increase productivity but it will make you feel better, it will make you live more passionately.

I will make more of my time by applying my energy to areas that are my ongoing priorities while keeping in mind the legacy I would like to live behind.

This week, I will be keeping a detailed time journal to see what consumes my time and how meaningful is each activity. I will try to rate my productivity (what I accomplish) along with my contentment (how I experienced). I will also rate my cost-effectiveness of how my time is invested.

I have also identified what my biggest time waster is this week and what the payoff was for me on the thing that wasted most of my time. I am also coming up with a list of alternative activities that I can pursue to make my life more meaningful as well as something I can pursue when I am tempted to waste time.

I have identified my current season in my life, unfortunately my seasons have been like being in Cape Town where there can be four seasons in a day My current season at this very moment is more like being stuck between a rock and a hard place which sometimes can be quite emotionally draining but I have started to accept and honor my seasons as they come and go and deeply rely on my spirituality and guidance to lead a better path.

We are created to be active and present in our lives, make most of our time, make it count and do it today.

Take care and be well.

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