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Monday, January 3, 2011

Roller Coaster, Someday?

Some may wonder if I started on this journey because I have one month to live or because I do not have a long time to live and may be ill. Rest assured, this is not the case. Am I dying? Yes, we all are, but not yet.

It is time when you reach a certain age where you have enough wisdom and experience to start looking back in your life and enough time to start making some positive changes.

I am guided by my meditation, by my spiritual guardians, by God and as a tool, I am guided by this book, One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life and a website.

It is a 30 day journey that started with a simple introduction yesterday and today is Day 2. Day to Day 8 will be about Living Passionately. Then Day 9 to Day 15 about Loving Completely, Day 16 to Day 22 about Learning Humbly and final week from Day 23 to Day 30 about Leaving Boldly.

Have you been on a roller coaster? How about driven in a race car? Or done something which got the adrenalin pumping, a big rush and it's over?

Do you see you life as a safe trip or a trip on a Roller Coaster? Are there some areas of your life which are safer than others, for example, you take risks in investments and in your work but not in love or romance?

I know so many people whose favorite day of the week is Someday.

Accept it, sometimes that is your favorite day of the week too, right?

I know sometimes it is my favorite day of the week as well.

When wifey ask's me, "You write so well, and you can inspire people with your writing. When are you going to write a book?"

And what do I answer? "Someday dear I will write a book."

Some people will say someday this and someday that. Like ...
Someday I'm going to travel and take a vacation.
Someday when I retire, I will enjoy life.
Someday I'm really going to start praying and put my act together.
Someday I'm going to spend more quality time with my kids and my wife.
Someday I am going to get involved in charitable activities.

Someday, one day, when, if, ever and it's over.

When are we going to wake up and realize this is life? Someday is right now, as I am writing this. Someday is your life, right here, right now, as you are reading this blog. This is life, this is your life, right here and right now. This is my life.

The God or the Universe did not design us to simply stand by and watch life pass and wonder why we are not fulfilled. We are created to take risks in faith and to conquer the giants that paralyze us with fear.

Are you operating your life on a basis of reason or are you operating your life on a basis of faith?

When you only see reason, you operate with reason, with fear and the giants will paralyse you. David would not defeat Goliath. Krishna would not have been a major influence on the great Mahabharata wars and Ram would not have defeated Ravan.

They all operated on basis of faith and operating on the basis of faith will make you see how small giants are compared to God or the Universe.

The world will tell us to be realistic, be reasonable, don't stand out, don't take risk, play it safe blah blah blah.

But I am not created not to ride the small kiddie children rides, I want to ride the roller coasters without fear and with faith.

The Universe, God will be there to guide me. He wants me to get on the roller coaster ride, the Universe will be the engineer, it will be in total control, and while sometimes it will go at breakneck speeds until my breath catches me on my throat, my stomach may leap to my heart, I may be holding on to my dear life and I may feel totally exhilarated and at the same time be scared but this is what life is and this is what faith is.

So today, on day 2, I have done the following to start living passionately, to ride the roller coaster today, not someday :-

I have listed what would be my biggest regret if I were certain my life would end in a few weeks. There are some regrets but I will keep this personal and maybe share with my close family members and maybe eventually with you.

I have listed what areas in my life I suffer from Someday Syndrome, amongst which is starting to write a book and I have made a decision today that someday is today.

And as a metaphor for roller coaster, something that applies to what I like more is a ride in a Formula 1 Ferrari car in a race. This is pasted here and on my desk as a reminder to live with no regrets.

So, ready to ride the roller coaster or sit shotgun with me on a Formula 1 ride? Not someday but today.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

So, what are you waiting for...write that book and get it published. The universe will take care about the audience and feedback and all the wonderful etc. etc. that comes....:D

Still waiting for the book :P Aisay, belum mau siap...