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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cops and Robbers a.k.a. Police and Thief

Who has not played this game when we were young.

Somehow, I always liked to play the thief, partially because it gave me the ability to wear my hankie as a mask like the spaghetti western movies.

If your nose and mouth was covered, you were the bad guy.

Nowadays, at 40, wearing a mask for entirely different reasons.

Haze for one.

I did not wear a mask when H1N1 became a pandemic.

But the haze is bad, the air smells bad, my throat feels bad and today feeling dizzy and nauseated because of the haze.

YAB who just returned from a trip was describing a scene which seems like one of those end of the world or end of civilization sort of movies.

He said there were a bunch of cards which had stopped and he stopped too.

Everyone came out of their cars and was gazing at the orange red horizon with smoke bellowing.

He said the whole horizon was burning - the trees, mostly palm and some grass - all on fire.

He even described the sound - like wind and heat wave blowing through a funnel.

Tree leaves swooshing and burning up.

The world is coming to an end sort of scene.

I guess at 40, we still play police and thief - but I notice nowadays, the good guys are wearing the masks.

Take care and be well.


Anonymous said...

the phrase...
Who is that masked man...
will be popular just like in the the old days when we were watching the Lone Ranger and Toto..

hmmm.. and soon it will be a fashion to wear tudung with veils.. just like the arabian women... so no need to wash hair and have in built mask....

Ser said...

Wearing tudung/veil will make your hair to smell worse lah....... I go to the hair-saloon on a regular basis and according to my hair-stylist cum shampoo person, person(s) hair with tudung smell the worst (macam mau pengsan)!