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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thursday Night Mystery

I was working till late on Thursday night. Even on Wednesday night, I was up until 11pm on my work computer getting some work done.

On Thursday night, I had a global meeting to attend via conference call, from 8pm to 9:30pm.

The calls usually finish in time, and after the call, I had called wifey.

My loyal dog, Al E is always by my side, when I am in the call he will sleep by my feet.

When I go to the toilet, he will wait outside the door waiting for me.

Yesterday, when I went to the bathroom, I heard Al E get up.

So, I was expecting him outside the toilet door after I had done my business. But when I opened the door, he was not there.

As I had switched of the lights, without my glasses and Al E being black, I did not see him.

So, I went back to the sofa and he was not there.

I called out his name and whistled, an action which would normally bring him back to me, and he did not come.

I checked his toilet, because sometimes after I do my business, he likes to do his business, but he was not there either.

Then I saw him, by the main door.

He looked worried and was looking out the door.

He was trying to tell me that there was something outside the door.

So, I turned on the balcony lights which I did not do earlier, and opened the door.

I did not see, nor did I feel anything weird except for a burnt piece of paper on the balcony.

So, I closed the door, took Al E by my side and went to review the CCTV recording to see if anyone was trying to be funny.

I did not see anything on the CCTV.

I then figured maybe someone – especially the new Shell station coming up across the road at the back – was burning some things as I have seen them burning stuff before.

So, I left it and went to sleep with Al E by my side.

Friday morning, when I went to work, I saw the piece of burnt paper on the front balcony.

I fully expected to see other pieces of burnt paper remnants on the ground floor, maybe even on the car, around the house, especially at the back of the house facing the upcoming station.

But there were none, just that 1 on the front balcony.

When I went back up to see, the burnt paper had blown away.

Some people say that dogs keep the angels away from entering the house because they are partially devil.

Maybe it is the other way around, dogs keep the devils away.

You may try to explain things scientifically as much as you’d like, but some things are just beyond explanation.

And no explanations are necessary.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

You so brave to open the door in the middle of the night.

Did you touch the paper? (Hungry Ghost month coming up soon...so be careful...I know it sounds weird but never know...)

Glad you two are okay.

hanwei said...

it's time to put some lemons/ limes in the water. Hopefully my dog sign is working.

Ser said...

What dog-sign is Han Wei talking about???

Nil said...

Kupps house got a "Beware of dog" sign ... he figures this will be enough to scare the ghosts away :P

Ser said...

Very funny...Kups and his advices!
Btw. how come Kups's house got 'Beware of dog' sign?
Since when Kups got a dog?

Nil said...

Got sign does not mean got dog. Sign been there since they rented the place.

Ser said...

So silly to have 'dog-sign' but no dog in sight!...Dangerous too......