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Friday, August 14, 2009

One hit wonders

When was the last time you listened to the radio?

Nowadays most people listen to MP3 or CD's in their car. I notice that some people may have not listened to the radio in a long time.

I have a lot of CD's and more than 5000 songs on my MP3, but every time I drive, I actually like to listen to the radio.

I find the conversations by the DJ's to be fun, I wind the music mix interesting and in Miri, only English radio wave I get is the Malaysian government sponsored one which a friend of mine who goes by Greenman works.

In KL, I prefer Hitz fm but mainly because you do not get that in Miri.

Anyways, whenever you listen to the radio, you get to listen to music that you would not necessarily buy or even have in your collection but music you would enjoy or brings back some memories. You get to listen to one hit wonders like the ones below.

I heard these 2 songs played back to back, how interesting.

I Eat Cannibals

I Eat Cannibal, feed on animal
Your love is so edible to me, I eat cannibals
I eat cannibal, it's incredible
You bring out the animal in me, I eat cannibals

I like spice, tasty and nice
Looks trim, vitamin, forget the dieting
Mmm such a dish, I can't resist
Healthy recipe, what you got it's good for me

All I wanna do, is make a meal of you
We are what we eat, you're my kind of meat
Got a hunger for your love, it's what I'm speaking of
Give a dog a bone, I can take it home

New Age Girl

I've got a new age girl
(Tell us what she's like)
An environmentalist girl
(Does she ride a bike)
She has crystal necklace
(She spend a lot of cash)
Though her vibes are rather reckless
(She's heading for a crash)
Oh her flowing skirt is blowing in a transcendental wind
And she wonders without knowing where did she begin..

Mary Moon.. she's a vegetarian
(Mary Moon, Mary Moon, Mary Moon)
Mary Moon.. will outlive all the septuagenarians
(Mary Moon, Mary Moon, Mary Moon)
Oh, she loves me so
She hates to be alone
She don't eat meat
But she sure like the bone

Take care and be well.

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