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Saturday, August 8, 2009

When the past comes over for a chat

I wanted to put when the past comes and haunts you as the title, but this is not the case, no bad past or no past haunting me, just sometimes the past comes over and decides to have a chat.

I have had many friends, acquaintances over the years. People that have helped me, hurt me or just been part of my life at some time or another.

I loose touch with many people over the years.

When you move from one job to another, you tend to loose touch with people.

Also, when you leave school after form 5 and especially when you do not do well in SPM, you loose touch with people.

When you go to a college for 2 years in KL and then a University in US for another 2 years, you tend to loose touch with people.

When you stick to a job between 2-5 years, you tend to loose touch with people.

My first job as a journalist in The Star newspaper, I am now in touch with nobody from there.

My second as a journalist in The Sun, same story.

My third major job was in Texas Instruments, I actively keep in touch with only 1 person and indirectly with 1 more.

Then in Com-Line, again, actively nobody.

Then DHL - actively nobody but thanks to Facebook, passively quite a number of people.

Anyways, I suddenly received an email from an old friend, who has helped us a lot in the past and has been in my mind.

And with Facebook, I have got in touch with a number of friends from the old school days, some friends that I have not seen in 20 odd years.

Sometimes, a rolling stone gathers no moss .... but a rolling stone rocks and rolls and touches different things in life.

Sometimes I wonder if I will stop being a rolling stone, but what will that be? A stagnant stone, gathering moss, being contented and not experiencing any change except the weather.

For now, I am a rolling stone, I will rock on, roll on and touch different lives and maybe just maybe, I will roll over the same path again and if our paths do come across, then it will be meant to be and it will be beautiful.

Take care an be well.

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