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Monday, August 10, 2009

I started a bad habit - Smoking

Yes all, I am now a smoker.

When did I start smoking? Maybe about 1-2 weeks now.

Why? I had no choice, this was one thing that was beyond my control.

What do I smoke? Oh, whatever I can get my hands on, no particular flavour or brand.

I am smoking, because the haze is at such a very unhealthy level, I am smoking.

Every time I open my balcony, or my door, I am smoking.

See, I do not have a choice.

I wear a mask, but it does little to protect me from smoking.

I stay indoors but still the smoke gets in my eyes, in my throat, in my nose, in my lungs.

Anyways, if I could, I would stay indoors, work from home, drink lots of fluid (which I already do).

The last time the haze was this bad, I was living in Bukit Antarabangsa and had to literally put wet towels at the bottom of the door to reduce the amount of smoke getting in.

Maybe it is time to start doing this again.

Also need an air purifier.

I remember the time when I would drink water out of the tap, no filtration necessary.

Now, nobody drinks water out of the tap. Most people have some for of filtration before drinking water. People just accepted it over the years. We are such a advanced country and yet we cannot provide clean drinking water. And people are generally apathetic, that we just accept this.

I see the same thing now happening with air. I never grew up with haze. But nowadays it is so common. I guess the air filter manufacturers are going to have a field day trying to sell all different types of air filters to the consumers. One day, every Malaysian household will have an air filter.

Water filters and air filters. What other filters should we get?

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

Our government is so darn pathetic.. All they have to do is give some assistance to these farmers in Sarawak....Now that I live between Miri & KL (I can see and witness that the bloody haze is not from neighbouring country BUT from our own doing....All these farmers are generally poor and not very well educated, so the cheapest mean to clear farming land is to slash & burn and then replant!)

Plus, of course there are some smart idiot who rather burn their garbage by the sea or in their backyard on blazing hot day (regardless of haze or not) and the local authorities just close an eye....S**ks!