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Sunday, August 2, 2009

A lovely evening spoilt by an itch

Wifey and I went out for the evening, leaving Al E behind for a few hours.

First we decided to check out the so called furniture fair to see if we got get a decent cabinets for books or shoes or something but not much of a fair and not much of a bargain either, so, we decided to go get an early dinner at the lovely Miri Marriott Hotel.

Since the bombing in Jakarta, the Marriott here has become a little bit more security conscious - I guess no harm in that considering the amount of different types of people staying in the hotel - it is best to check them thoroughly.

I wonder if they have security machines to check people's personalities, they should have that at airports and turn away those that have a bad personality. I guess many Singaporeans, Hongkies and Dutch will not be able to go anywhere Muahahahahahaha :P

Anyway, it was a lovely evening, so we decided to sit at the pool side and enjoy the nice sunset and sip on some diluted mojitos served in a plastic glass and enjoy some fried spring rolls served in a basket without any plates.

Then we ordered our main course, for Sarah a sandwich and for me the classic Mac N Cheese. Makes me wonder if I should start calling Kupps cheese instead. Since there is Mack, but where is Mack's cheese - oh well, Kupps sticks better.

The standard of the food, the drinks and the service in the Marriott seems to have gone down a little since Chef Jeremy left. The prices of course never go down. Maybe they seriously need to look at getting a executive chef soon rather then spending the money on introducing fancily printed menu but serving mediocre food.

Anyways, after a while, it started with me as always, I felt something had bit me. It become rather uncomfortable and itchy in a few places - really really itchy.

I figured it could not be mosquitoes because they had repellents plus it was through my jeans. I doubted they were sand flies either. But something bit me and it itched like hell.

It also bit Sarah and she was starting to itch.

Imagine this - Two people, lovers, friends, having a nice dinner and then suddenly itching themselves on the legs, hands, back - a scene of a comedy movie for sure but in all honesty, totally unpleasant.

After coming home to the minor but usual Al E mess, the itch continued, and continued, till the morning.

Still itching but have put some medicine on it and trying to make it mind over matter, but boy is it still bloody itchy - but since my 4 fingers are doing the typing, they have not had time to do the itching.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

Still itcy b*tchy....itch itch....