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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cha cha cha

Not the dance but tea, Gujerati tea or Gujerati cha, in Hindi it would be Gujerati chai. Then again, chai is now excepted in English as tea as well. It is also same in Chinese, they call it cha as well.

But Saturday morning, having my Gujerati cha, made by wifey. A hired help finally ironing all of my clothes, all of my shirts.

Took Al E boy for a walk, down the road, up the beach, down the sandy plot of land and up the road.

Al E liked it, I feel refreshed, except for the hundreds of sand flies who have sucked my blood despite having put some cream earlier.

A lazy yet an active Saturday morning.

Need to start studying but I think I'll have to leave that for another day.

Need to start clearing my table - maybe later today.

Go for a nice late lunch or early dinner with wifey - check out the new chef in Marriott maybe.

Watch a movie on DVD - will leave the cinemas to KL.

Police sirens blasting, likely some VIP passing by, then again Datuk YAB (Yes Me Ash Burn) was going to Sibu with his family - maybe he has outriders :P

Take care and be well.

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