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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Influenza (A)H1N1 - Real stories and facts

Following are the facts about H1N1 which many of us may not have bothered about.

It seems Malaysians tend to have a lackadaisical attitude and sometimes just do not bother too much about things.

Malaysia is the 45th largest country in the world by population with a population estimated at 28 million.

However, when it comes to H1N1 deaths by population, we rank 8th.

We also rank 8th in total deaths from H1N1.

We are 10th on total cases. Our cases just jumped by 380+ in one day.

Following are more details, but definitely statistics we cannot ignore anymore. Statistics the government cannot ignore and doctors should not ignore.

Source is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_flu_pandemic_timeline
This source is updated daily.

But just by listening to 2 of my friends, I am not entirely surprised by Malaysia ranking so high. Doctors should treat every symptom of H1N1 as a possible case and get their facts straight.

The stories, here they go, true stories from Miri.

Kupps, a good friend of mine was not well and decided to go to MCMC, a private hospital in Miri, fearing it could be H1N1.

He was informed by the professional doctor in a relatively expensive private doctor that there is no way he could have H1N1. The reason.....

"You have not travelled to USA or Mexico recently, so no way you could get infected with H1N1."

Another friend, Uncle C who sits next to me, has been coughing and not well for a while. So he went to the other private hospital in Miri, CAMC.

The doctor gave him a check and medicine and told him to come back if they cough and symptoms were still persistent.

A week later, he goes back because the cough is still there. This time he sees another doctor. This doctor from the records is aware that Uncle C has been to see a doctor a week ago.

So, this doctor ask Uncle C to cough so he can check. So, my friend shows the doctor how he has been coughing. And here's what the doctor told him ....

"Oh this cough, cannot be H1N1. Because H1N1 you don't cough like this."

Can you believe this?

As such, I am not surprised that we have a serious problem, don't take things lightly.

I think the main problem is that most ministers and especially our prime minister is not afraid of H1N1 but the are more afraid of B1N1 (for people who do not get the pun, B1N1 means bini which in English means wife).

Please take this flu pandemic seriously and go see a good doctor even if you have to go to Kuala Lumpur to do so.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

B says eat lots of fresh vege. In the morning, make fresh juice (from vege too). Drink up.

The best way to prevent is to build up our immune system well and try not to be stressed!

Maganjeet said...

Isn't it strange that the epidemic seems to be abating in other countries but is escalating in Malaysia?

My conspiracy theory.... Somebody has an interest in ensuring the epidemic in Malaysia rages on so that this person/persons could earn millions selling the vaccine to hospitals. Yeah, yeah, I know the vaccine is not ready yet, but it will soon be and the epidemic better be in its full height or there will be no interest in the vaccine.

Other conspiracy theories:

1) This particular H1N1 strain does not occur in nature but was laboratory manufactured. Full article on:

2) WHO is behind this in order to establish a new world order. Article on: