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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Freezing cold cineplexes

Yesterday night, went to CapSquare for the 1st time as wifey said parking is free and there is a cinema there that is hardly crowded.

So we went to watch Harry Porter at 10:30pm in CapSquare.

Guess how many people were watching Harry Porter?

A grand big total of 5 people.

They have 6 cineplexes there showing different movies, but I think the grand total of people watching movies there could not have been more than 5 per cineplex, so 30 people watching movies in 6 brand new and extremely freezing cold cineplex.

After the movie, everything is dark on the movie cineplex floor - sort of leaves an eerie feeling. Luckily we did not come out from a horror or some serial killer sort of movie.

While CapSquare seems to be a nice place, it does not seem to be a happening place at night and despite the free parking attraction smack in the middle of KL City, it is not a place I would like to go again at night unless of course there are 5-10 of us friends going to watch a movie together. That would be like the best business they get.

I do not know how this theater can continue to survive, then again, it is showing a lot of Hindi and Tamil movies and is nearby the KL City center where Masjid Jamek and Batu Road is, so likely they will get the usual crowds.

Just going into the city many times on weekends or public holidays, especially the Majed Jamek part of the city, feels like you have just left Malaysia and entered a different country, a foreign land. Seems like there should be a immigration stop at the High Court traffic lights to get our passports chopped.

Then again, that would be no different from going to Sabah or Sarawak, still require work permits and passports to be chopped. Oh well, this is 1Malaysia. And 1Malaysia will be a blog topic soon enough.

Take care and be well.

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bal said...

BUT i mean, wasn't Happy great? Didn't you just love this episode of Happy Potter?? That's what my Sonea calls him anyway, happy potter with the never changing glasses. Wands up, hup!
yes, it's one of those gila days when it feels soooo great to be alive! hope you have many,many such days yourself.

happy b