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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Taxieing back

Ladies and Gentlemen, the flight to Miri will be heading back towards the gate as we are having some problems with one of our engines. Please remain seated in the plane. We may be required to change planes. Apologies for the delay and inconvenience.

Engines off, air condition off, heat on, stuffiness on.

No more announcements, waiting and waiting on the plane.

I illegally turn on my phone to send a message to inform some people that the flight is delayed due to engine problem.

Then the plane starts moving again.

Eventually takes off, about 40 minutes later than scheduled.

Later the pilot again apologises for the delays and informs the passengers that there was an problem with one of the sensors which indicated there could be a problem with engine one. Due to this, they did not risk turning the engine on at full throttle and decided to go back to the gate until the issue was resolved.

So, there was no problem with the engine but a sensor.

Lately, a lot of issues with sensors on planes.

Anyway, back to Miri to a quiet home. Wifey in Kay El and Al E in Ken El ;)

And interesting day but a tiring one.

Take care and be well.

1 comment:

Ser said...

You really really got me worried (and going nuts) on the last sms prior to take off!!! Next time phrase it a little better dear!