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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Every day including weekends for the last 2 weeks I have been getting up at 5:33am for no apparent reason.

My phone alarm is set at 6:06am and my doggy alarm is usually set around 6:20am, but some alarm deep inside me jolts me up from my deep sleep at exactly 5:33am.

I do not know the significance of the time, I do not recall any significance of the time nor the month in August in general.

The numbers also do not add up to anything of significance. Vasthu Shastra nor Feng Shui really talks about 5:33 specifically.

When growing up, my mom always used to get up before sunrise to pray and for a while I used to get up early to meditate, but that was a long time ago, nearly in a different lifetime it seems.

I would like to get the extra 30-45 minutes of sleep but something keeps waking me up no matter how late or early I go to sleep.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Take care and be well.


bal said...

Close to 'the Who' 's song about the time. I suspect it is this. your inner child wanted you to be a rock god, like Pete Townshed and gang. not too late tho.

But if u want to give it a miss, just take niacin 100mg at night, make u sleep like a baby. Niacin is just Vitamin B3. yes, vegetarian caps available. :-)


Ser said...

Maybe you should start meditating as you used to during this time...Initially not easy...eventually you will feel better. Perhaps it is a sign for good stuff.......sometimes meditating helps. Cheers.

Nil said...

I guess whatever was waking me up did not like my blog, so last night I got up at 3:33am. When I get up, Al E gets up too but nowadays he looks at me and probably thinks "WTF daddy, go back to sleep and let me sleep too!"

Ser said...

You should sleep in the room instead lah............

bal said...

seriously, get some niacin. cheap. 100mg a day enough to give u good sleep. Non addictive. ths is not a sleeping tablet, just a B vitamin.